The purpose of the Conviviality Programme is to contribute to the construction of a democratic, participatory, inclusive, dialogic and negotiated way of being together by building a sense of community, recognizing the plurality of thoughts and supporting differences.

Based on dialogue as a method, the program promotes four actions:

  • Relationship with organizations and representative bodies of students, seeking to discuss issues related to conviviality and contributing to the democratization of internal regulations and socio-cultural practices.
  • Construction of regulation and self-regulation strategies for the SPA consumption of psychoactive substances (PAS) in order to promote pedagogy about the use, abuse and damage of these substances based on dialogue and the participation of the whole university community.
  • Promotion and internalization of the proper and responsible use of the communal spaces of the university in order to contribute to the fulfillment of the mission goal.
  • Participation in the observatory of Human Rights generating plans of defense and their enforceability for the university community, by promoting bonds and actions with internal dependencies and institutions and external players.