Mission, Vision and Objectives


University Welfare generates and strengthens of construction and projection processes of the pedagogical identity committed to integral training and the improvement of the life quality, promoting through praxis the collective creation of a culture of well-being and human development, which results into institutional environments positive for conviviality and the construction of the social fabric.


University Welfare will be a guide and a driver of the union of the college community promoting from a pedagogical perspective, processes of social construction with a creative and productive spirit at research, training, participatory, communicative, management, and provision of services dimensions, so they contribute to the improvement of the life quality and to the integral education of the social individual and educational agent that our country requires.


To contribute to the integral training, life quality and construction of the social fabric of the college community through the development of programs at biological, psycho-affective, intellectual, social, cultural, axiological and political dimensions of the human being.

To trigger from the task by University Welfare the implementation of processes in regards to the inquiry, research, training, participation, institutional management, etc.