Popular school of the bike

Within the different processes established at the UPN, the “Popular Bike School” (the former “By bike to the UPN”) is one of the transversal dimensions to strength our Institution “Training Teachers”, thanks to the active recognition of newest pedagogical proposals that question constantly from different perspectives the issues of mobility, the environment and healthy lifestyles; it is where the bicycle evidences a primordial tool to develop a society from political, pedagogical and social issues.

Based on workshops and activities, we continue pedaling for the well-being of the person who moves by bicycle.

3rd Biking schedule by a Social Recognition of “Being a Teacher”

During activities held on May 15 for Teacher’s Day.

We join with the following workshop:

Bike Tours

Departure Points:

UPN Valmaría 8:00 am

UPN National Park 9:00 am

Arrival Point:

UPN Campus 72

Observation race on two wheels by teams. We promote to strengthen the identity based on the Social Recognition of “Being a Teacher”.

1. Badge of the Bicycle

2. Distinctive for members of the group (2 to 4 persons)

To prepare the day, there will be a mechanic workshops and a stamping workshop, so arrange your agenda and do not forget to take your shirt or garment.