Subsidized Meals

To achieve the undergraduate students’ permanence and degree, the Sub-Directorate of University Welfare develops an institutional strategy in regards to socio-economic support focused on the provision of subsidized lunch service, food service for children of the students and parents of the Nursery School beside the subsidized meals at the institutional cafeterias and restaurants for the whole University Community. The allocation, variables, and use of this service are regulated upon Agreement 034 of 2017 and Resolution 0171 of 2018. In this service, the Sub-Directorate of University Welfare offers meals and beverages taking into account the nutrition, quality and safety standards meeting the requirements for health protection of the university community.

«Eating goes beyond a biological act that transcends a cultural exercise.»

Each student has the co-responsibility with the restaurant service to comply with the provisions of the resolution Resolution that regulates this benefit, knowing its importance to facilitate his/her training process.

It is always necessary to keep in mind:


  • Greet the people who serve you.
  • Make a responsible use of the service.
  • Ask only what you are going to eat.
  • Prudential stay time in the restaurant. Remember that another person is waiting for your chair.
  • Take the tray and utensils to the collection point.

Grounds to lose the right to restaurant service

  • Allow the use of the service to third parties or the impersonation.
  • Do not use at least 60% of the services assigned during the semester.
  • Verbal or physical disrespect against University officials who provide the service.
  • Disrespect the order of the line or incurring other ways of verbal or physical aggression at the time of accessing the service.

To verify the variables for the assignment of the service. Resolution 171 of February 2, 2018.